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Christie is a Republican from New Jersey, which translates as too liberal to
run as a Democrat in Idaho.  New Jersey has very strict gun laws including a
beebee gun permit.  Would the NRA stay quiet about this?   Sure he is acting
like a fiscal conservative or should I say cutting the education budget.

Christie has a past, however and it has been barely be talked about.

My latest favourite a Madoff connection!

As AG of New Jersey, he grabbed headlines by going after corruption.  Now
this is not that difficult in NJ. Oddly they mostly were Democrats, but I am
sure that that is simply a coincidence.  Perhaps you remember the arrests
and persecution of former Newark Newark Mayor and state Sen. Sharpe James,
or Essex County Executive James Treffinger, or past state Senate President
John Lynch and Hudson County Executive Robert Janiszewski - just to name a
few.  I think that the fact that lived in New Jersey might be showing
through.  Lots of people were arrested, dragged out of there offices and the
moneys that passed hands was the joke of the day.  "Really, you could buy a
mayor for that little?"

The real issue that surrounds Christie is ethics.  That strange smell in NJ
does not just come from Elizabeth and the Meadowlands.  Trenton and the
local governments emit a smell that I think  locals answer with "What can

Here is a taste  of what has been charged.


Just imagine if people really looked into his past, case by case, client by
client.  If he was to run, it would be great
for investigative journalists and the Newark Star Ledger and the Jersey
Journal.  Unfortunately for Christie, many of these journalists are out of
work and have a lot of time on there hands.

So when he says he in not going to run, I think he is telling the truth.
 But he will still show up and collect the fee for speaking.

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