[Vision2020] Difference between 1920's Prohibition and today

Lynn McCollough lmccollough at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 12:43:10 PDT 2011

Here is one: Prohibition was also supported by those who held power in
society and wanted to retain it. They feared that other people might
get uppity, and wanted to prevent that. They wanted bars and saloons
closed down because they feared conversations regarding workers
forming unions or people of color claiming their rightful rights that
they believed might be occurring in local neighborhood bars.
 If they could get the bars closed, people could not meet and spread
uppity ideas among themselves so easily. These prohibition supporters
did not necessarily care a whit about alcohol consumption, they just
did not want the disenfranchised to have a meeting place.

I can’t think of many other differences, though.

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