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Not sure I follow your numbers. However, while I do understand that the government has to spend a lot of money to produce just a few units of something that doesn't justify catered luncheons and events when in a budget crisis. They can do like the rest of us and use  space already available in their own buildings for meetings and bag a lunch or do a potluck. There are no attempts to be frugal here. This is privileged people living on the taxpayers dime and wanting to remain privileged while many suffer and go without jobs. It needs to stop before this country is in a such a hole it can never get out again. 
PS, Hope you had a good birthday. : )
Donovan Arnold

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In standard government accounting, administrative costs are spread over the entire program cost. So if the government buys a nuclear reactor core and a phillips-head screw and sends both to Baltimore at a cost of a million dollars, the spreadsheet will reflect that the Feds paid $10,500,000 for a reactor core and $500,000.25 for a screw.
Every reporter in America should have this fact on their desk. But somehow the media keeps getting rolled every time. 
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