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Bev writes:

"This is just crazy."

This is just Idaho.


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Subject: [Vision2020] Highway 95 south of Lapwai

Has anyone else traveled recently south on Highway 95?  


There are several sections of road construction on bridges there, and an appalling lack of concern for the safety of travelers.  Seven or eight times the road is reduced to basically one lane (one lane for trucks, buses and RV's, according to the signs).  There are no flaggers, just signs telling you to yield to oncoming traffic.


I traveled this last night in the dark, and believe me, I haven't been that frightened on Idaho roads in a long time - even in the winter.  The cones were all over the road, you had to dodge them.  There were so many signs blinking, it was hard to figure out just where you were supposed to go.  And yield to oncoming traffic?  This is a US Highway for crying out loud, not some graveled back country one lane road.  I was almost hit several times, from in front and behind.  No one knows what to do.


Why is a road construction company allowed to do this without flaggers, or stoplights?  This is just crazy.




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