[Vision2020] Speaking of Chutzpah . . .

Jay Borden jborden at datawedge.com
Fri Sep 16 12:19:32 PDT 2011

Yes… I would… and shame on you for implying that I’m suddenly a liar or that I have different motives.   


In addition, I suspect that many other small businesses would do the same, but I won’t broaden the argument by bringing their books/costs/issues into the debate.


I’ll stick with MINE.


If you dropped my corporate tax rates to ZERO, I would hire additional labor.  There is no debate.  There are no additional “IFS”.   I’ve worked the numbers again this year.  I worked them last year (when I started up company #2)… I am in a position where I could use more hands, but cannot readily afford to do so.  


Will I guarantee that EVERY PENNY that would have been spent on taxes would be dumped into labor?  No… of course not.  Not any more that anyone can guarantee that EVERY business will wind up hiring SOMEBODY as a result of a change in the taxes… 


But I can tell you without hesitation that Moscow would have an additional 1.5 jobs… right here… if that bill ever passed (which, as we all know it won’t).  


Multiply my circumstance by the number of small businesses in the same boat… and you’ll have created that many jobs.  


Now, if you are SO STUCK on the fact that SOME BUSINESSES will wind up making MORE MONEY (and not hire ANYONE) that you are willing punish  OTHER BUSINESSES who WANT TO HIRE as a result, then you are putting your general disdain of private enterprise above all else… and we don’t have a lot of room for discussion or debate.









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Jay Borden wants us to believe . . .


"If my federal corporate tax rates were dropped to ZERO (even still leaving me with my state sales tax), I would hire 1.5 bodies TOMORROW."

Really now?  Or would you simply, as so many businesses have done since the birth of Bush's tax cuts, pocketed the money and continue to complain about the administration's inability to deal with increasing unemployment?

Seeya round town, Moscow.


Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho




On Sep 16, 2011, at 10:49, "Jay Borden" <jborden at datawedge.com> wrote:

	If my federal corporate tax rates were dropped to ZERO (even still leaving me with my state sales tax), I would hire 1.5 bodies TOMORROW.

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