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I checked the website and could not find email addresses for the incumbents.  I know they used to be there so I think I need directions.  Also,  anyone, I need Aaron’s email, as well.  The AARP will hold its forum on October ??.  Help, Roger, I don’t have the date on my calendar yet. I know it’s a Friday at U Inn. 

Sue H. 

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Subject: [Vision2020] PR - Declaration of Candidacy for City of MoscowElection


City of Moscow 

206 E Third Street

Moscow, ID 83843

Contact: Gary J. Riedner, City Supervisor

p     |  208-883-7006

e     |   griedner at ci.moscow.id.us

w    |  www.ci.moscow.id.us



Declaration of Candidacy for City of Moscow Election


September 9, 2011 (Moscow, Idaho) – As of the filing deadline of September 9, 2011, at 5 p.m. the candidates for City Council to be included on the ballot in the November 8, 2011 election are Aaron Ament, and incumbents Dan Carscallen, Wayne Krauss, and Tom Lamar.


For more information regarding City Elections, please call Stephanie Kalasz, City Clerk at 208.883.7015.




Story Contact: Stephanie Kalasz, City Clerk

Phone: 208.883.7015

Email: skalasz at ci.moscow.id.us



The City of Moscow delivers quality municipal services while ensuring responsible use of resources. We anticipate and meet the needs of our diverse population in order to build public trust and enhance a sense of community.


Jen Pfiffner

Assistant to the City Supervisor

City of Moscow

PO Box 9203 | 206 E Third Street

Moscow, ID 83843

p  | 208.883.7123

f   | 208.883.7018

w | www.ci.moscow.id.us



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