[Vision2020] "So Why Be So Hard on Vermont?" (Calvin Trillin, Deadline Poet)

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Thu Sep 8 11:35:33 PDT 2011

"So Why Be So Hard on Vermont?"

By Calvin Trillin, Deadline Poet


"Michele Bachmann says Hurricane Irene was God's warning to

curb excessive government spending." -news reports


We know that this God's an all-powerful God

God's actions are not nonchalant.

We know he can punish whomever he wants.

So why be so hard on Vermont?


Yes, spending increases our deficit-sure.

Vermont, though, has not been avant

The rest of the country. We all spend a lot.

So why be so hard on Vermont?


Its mountains? Its hipsters? Its accent? Or what

Might tick off the Great Commandant?

We know we're all sinners; we spend and we spend.

So why be so hard on Vermont?




Seeya round town, Moscow.


Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho

"Corporations are an oppressed minority forced to move headquarters from
state to state in search of friendlier tax codes--sometimes being forced to
live just off our shores in tiny mailboxes." 


- John Oliver, The Daily Show


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