[Vision2020] [Corrected Date] The Moscow City Council and Megaloads (September 6, 2011)

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Wed Sep 7 21:22:59 PDT 2011

On September 6th, immediately following a vote of 6-0 accepting the
Sustainable Environment Commission's report and recommendations concerning
oil extractions, they held a discussion concerning its stance on the
megaloads and voted whether or not to readdress/modify its public
statement of May 16, 2011.

They voted to return the ppublic statement to the Admin Committee for
readdress and modification.  The vote was 4 ayes to 2 nays (Tim Brown and
Walter Steed).


Stay tuned . . .

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

"The Pessimist complains about the wind, the Optimist expects it to change
and the Realist adjusts his sails."

- Author Unknown

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