[Vision2020] Runaway Cow Surrenders

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
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Courtesy of today's (September 2, 2011) Spokesman-Review.




Runaway Cow Surrenders


BERLIN - A cow named Yvonne whose escape kept a corner of Bavaria on
tenterhooks has turned herself in after three months on the run.


The Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary, which now owns the errant bovine, said
Thursday that a farmer had called to say Yvonne had shown up on her farm in
the Muehldorf area, near the Austrian border. One of the sanctuary's
employees was able to confirm Yvonne's identity with the help of her ear


The brown dairy cow escaped from a Bavarian farm in May, then hid in
forests. A few days later, she was involved in a near-collision with a
police car, and local authorities labeled her a public danger.


Gut Aiderbichl bought Yvonne from her former owners and took the lead in
trying to find her.


The six-year-old cow "apparently got tired of the loneliness," the local
council in Muehldorf said in a statement, adding that she had jumped over a
fence to join her fellow bovines.


Yvonne is now grazing contentedly with four calves and appears "healthy and
calm," it added. Her owners were on their way to pick up the cow.




Speaking of Yvonne . . .


At a restaurant in Montana . . .







Seeya round town, Moscow.


Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho


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