[Vision2020] First Step Internet: Is It 1984?

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Wed Nov 30 15:37:51 PST 2011

Janesta Carcich, right?  First Step Internet feels that the whole
world should know your private thoughts as expressed on the Vision
2020 forum.  Check out JANESTA CARCICH on Google.  

I ask the forum: Do you want your Vision 2020 posts seen by everyone
on the internet?  Ex-spouses, high school classmates, employers and
even stalkers can see what you've posted on this forum.  Identity
thieves could have a field day with this forum's posts.

Check out TOM HANSEN IDAHO on Google.

It's all right there, people, right there on Google.  Your political
views, your comments about other people, your personal information. 
It wouldn't be that hard to impersonate some members of this forum
based on what First Step lets Google track.  Why are we letting the
First Step Internet corporation treat our personal thoughts and
information like everyone out there should see it?  It's like making a
permanent recording of everything that was ever said in the town
square.  That's no fun.  First Step Internet should respect the
privacy of what is said here on this forum, or it should assume that
it will have future legal problems.  

If someone were to reveal the social security numbers and home
addresses of forum members right here onto Vision 2020, would anyone
think that was a problem?  I do, and if you think that your posts
aren't tracked by Google, search your own name online with the word
MOSCOW and see what comes up.  It's careless to let anyone see what
you've written here at Vision 2020.

Tell First Step Internet to stop the privacy invasion and make all
posts past, present and future private for members only to view.  Wake
up, it's 2011, and identity thieves can do a lot with just a little
information these days.  Protect free speech properly by making this
free speech forum private for all members.
On Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 4:02 PM, Janesta  wrote:What a
pity. I was under the impression this was a private forum, in that
my comments could not be found on the web.


On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 3:21 PM, Tom Hansen  wrote:

> And your name is . . . ?
> Seeya round town, Moscow.
> Tom Hansen
> Moscow, Idaho
> "If not us, who?
> If not now, when?"
> - Unknown
> On Nov 30, 2011, at 2:16 PM, "ML394"  wrote:
> What I heard about First Step Internet is this:
> Due to the way the forum posts are being tracked by Google these
> anyone can come on this forum and claim to be a person who they are
> Anyone can say anything about someone else (even slander them) and
> posts will be tracked by Google and connected to the name of the
> person.
> In fact, most of the email addresses used to post to this forum
> never be tracked or traced to the name on the forum post.  There is
no easy
> way to prove that any of the forum members are who they claim to be.
> So, if someone were to claim on this forum to be BILL MOORE, who
loves to
> steal money, commit crimes and wants others to share in his life of
> self-debasement, there would be no way to prove that BILL MOORE did
> author the post.  And yet the slander remains online.  And we all
know that
> Bill Moore of First Step Internet is hardly a degenerate.  He is one
of the
> most upstanding people in the area, a man who stands for freedom of
> and the freedom to slander people, too.
> First Step Internet assumes no liability for the posts on this
forum, but
> according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation hosting a forum
> enables members to slander people by name and not just by their
screen name
> creates a legal liability for the hosting company.  In this case,
> Step Internet is legally responsible for actually promoting the
Vision 2020
> forum on Google and other search engines.  First Step Internet is
> responsible for the slander its members write about others.
> The way I look at it, the longer First Step Internet lets Google
track the
> slanderous comments that have been made on the forum the greater the
> liability.  And First Step Internet would be out of business
> While I appreciate how important First Step Internet has been in the
> development of government-funded, rural internet access and the
> of Vision 2020, I am certain that First Step Internet would be
better off
> (from a legal standpoint) making Vision 2020 a private forum that
> free speech but does not allow search engines to track the content
of its
> posts.
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