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The prolonged cases of child molestation and rapes that occurred at Penn State serves as an example of how institutional protection perpetuates crimes.  Since you referenced Moscow’s infamous pedophile, Steven Sitler, Tom, I am reminded of how Christ Church responds to sex offenders among their membership.  Sitler was hustled out of town before Latah County law enforcement had an opportunity to talk to him, or even knew of the offense. It is my understanding they local law enforcement have never questioned Sitler. Christ Church members, who are also attorneys,  and Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson agreed to an unbelievably “generous” special plea agreement when one considers the scope of his crimes.  Doug Wilson finally got around to alerting Christ Church husbands six months after the fact in a Head of Household monthly meeting.  After Sitler’s  brief year in the county jail he rented a home (which his daddy subsequently purchased for him) from a Kirk member.  Ed Iverson, NSA Librarian, and Christ Church elder, served as a marriage broker for a profoundly immature young NSA graduate who so desperately wanted a husband, that she was willing, indeed eager to wed a convicted felon.  Doug Wilson, officiated at the wedding, and sadly, it is feared, Mrs. Sitler will prove her fertility thus placing her own children at risk.  How is this different in kind from the protection Penn State provided the serial predator in their midst.  (Except of course, Sitler preferred children under five.)  

Rose Huskey


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Something that has been nagging at me for a while now . . .


Here in Idaho a confessed and convicted serial pedophile may be sentenced to no more than a year of lock-up time, followed by so-called lifetime probation.  But, if you are found with child pornography on your computer's hard-drive, you are looking at three years lock-up time minimum (as it should be).


Question:  Is the Idaho legal system suggesting . . .


Go ahead and sexually abuse children.  Just don't take any pictures.



Seeya round town, Moscow.


Tom Hansen

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And if you are in Catholic Church hierarchy and cover enough pedophiles up, you get to be Pope.




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If you assemble peacefully to express grievances, you get assaulted by 
the police.

If you assemble and riot in support of a pedophile pimp, nobody gets 


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