[Vision2020] "Friends at Freeze Community Church" Package Reported to Post Office as "Suspicious"

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 14:12:50 PST 2011

I received two copies of this package, one at my street address, one at my
PO box.  I brought the packages, unopened of course, to the post office to
report them as "suspicious," given unknown origin, no return address, and

How do I know this package is not from a Unabomber or anthrax letter
psycho?  Any package that is from an unknown origin, no return address, and
unsolicited, should not be opened, it seems to me, unless somehow verifying
the contents.  It would even be easy to fake the official appearing post
office code, lettering, etc. to make it appear as though it came through
the US mail, when it did not, when the package was placed in a mailbox by

I was told the post office sent them, and that that class of mail does not
have to have a return address.  I requested that the packages be "returned
to sender," but the post office employee said the packages would then be
thrown away, not returned to sender.  She advised I throw them away, if I
don't want them.  I was going to ask if there was any legal means of the
post office supplying the identity of the individual or individuals
who sent this mailing, but refrained from pushing the issue this far.

I left both packages on the writing desks in the main downtown Moscow post
office, so they are there for the taking, or they were a few minutes ago.
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