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Oh boy, Rose - do you suppose we'll have LCSO detectives showing up at our
doors to interrogate us again?  I do hope so - what fun that would be!


I didn't receive the piece of crap, but I'd already suffered through the
"movie."  Sniff, sniff . . . I feel left out - NOT!


I have a favor to ask, though, of someone who did receive the DVD:  can you
please tell us more about the mailing?  If possible, could you scan & post
the envelope (redact your street address), any enclosed literature, and the
DVD itself?  How do we know it was sent by Freeze Community Church?  I've
heard that not all the envelopes had return addresses, which is curious.
Was it a bulk mailing via permit or were the envelopes stamped?  If stamped,
was the stamp a non-profit one or a regular one?  Was there anything besides
the DVD in the envelope?


How about the DVD itself - was it one of those commercially produced DVDs
(Ray Comfort is willing to sell them in bulk for $1 each) or does it look
like something someone bootlegged or copied off the Web site or YouTube?
There could be a copyright violation here, it seems to me, if the DVD isn't
a legal one.  If it isn't a legit DVD, I certainly hope someone who received
it has notified law enforcement.


Hey - if anyone wants to unload their DVD, I'll be happy to take all I can
get!  It's the time of year when I hang CDs/DVDs in my yard to hopefully
discourage the bird hawks from coming around.  Reduce, reuse, recycle, you
know, so at least the DVDs would be put to good use in my yard  J



Saundra Lund


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Perhaps the leader of Freeze Community Church, Pastor Lloyd as he styles
himself, could explain why unsolicited DVD's are being mailed from his
church.  It may be the case that he doesn't know that this has been done and
one of the  local right wing crackpots / Brush Fire Alliance members who
worship there are responsible for the material.  According to the website,
the email for the church is:  pastor at freezechurch.org , so why not go
straight to the source to find out what, if anything, they had to do with

On the other hand, if the subject and text of his sermon on Genesis
<http://www.freezechurch.org/page97.html>  is a reflection of the mental
acuity of the leader and congregation, I find it unlikely that they are
involved; they clearly don't have the mother wit to even address the
envelope to recipients.

Rose Huskey

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