[Vision2020] vote Lamar and Ament

rhayes at frontier.com rhayes at frontier.com
Wed Nov 2 10:02:56 PDT 2011

I have to just remind people to vote for an independent city council. Carscallen and Krauss are just rubber stamps for anything Walter Steed tells them to do. I remind you of the plan to provide Moscow city utilities to an out of state mall development. Had the economy not tanked, we would have lost valuable revenue to Whitman county. I testified in front of city council voising my opposition to that motion. Steed, having negotiated the deal in some back room agreement stared at the ceiling. Carscallen riffled through papers while I was speaking, and Krauss just zoned out. They ignored me and insulted me because they didn't care what a taxpayer constituent had to say. 
Are these the sort of council persons Moscow deserves? I appreciate the dedication it take to serve on the city council, but I believe that we need Lamar, and Ament on that council. These are people who will listen to what the citizens of Moscow have to say rather than encouraging the kind of development which is not in the best interest of our city.  
Roger Hayes

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