[Vision2020] Rabbi, aren't all religions equally true?

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Bigotry has no place in religion
Written by Al Dahler 
Rabbi Yerachmiel ben Yisrael, participating in an ecumenical panel discussion, was asked: "Rabbi, aren't all religions equally true?" To which the Rabbi replied: "No, all religions are equally false."

The Rabbi's message was that we human beings should acknowledge with sincere humility that our conceptions of God, our understanding of the sacred and divine, our vision of humanity within creation remain imperfect, simplistic, flawed and too often are based on selfish and perverse reasons.

Meister Erckart, a 13th century Dominican monk and one of the truly great Christian mystics, reached the insight that "God is beyond all understanding" and that "God is by nature unknowable." The Qur'an states that God's glory and God's attributes are beyond human understanding and that the similitudes and parables we use to convey the idea of God are totally inadequate. And, although science enables us to define what God is not, ithas not enabled us to define what God is.

And, yet, religious factions continue to quarrel about the nature of God, divine truths and Christian salvation. The Rev. Robert Jeffress and his ministerial minions claim the right to abrogate who is and who is not a Christian. During this election season, their focus of acceptability is on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons).

However, the Mormon Church too claims to be the only true Christ-sanctioned church. It sends out thousands of "missionaries" each year to spread the "true" gospel and to convert mostly people from other Christian dominations which the Mormon Church considers being in error.

Why do American Christian churches still squabble about who is or who is not truly Christian and acceptable to God? Why the continued contention of whose theology and doctrines are correct and whose are in error?

Rational scholarship affirms that all theologies and religious doctrines are not divine but are human constructs. All religions are cultural phenomena, not preternatural creations....

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