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About a month ago I published an email on V2020 addressed to Doug Wilson and
his elders regarding the forthcoming marriage of Steven Sitler and Katie
Travis <http://june11eleven.com/> .  I specifically named the elders so that
in their daily out and about in Moscow you would know who they are and what
they represent.  Now, I will answer some of the questions that I
(rhetorically) asked them.  (They didn't bother to answer me.) A degree of
culpability for supporting this sacrilegious "marriage" covers all of them,
but some actors are more deeply involved than others.

The following list of elders (with the exception of John Grauke - who
depends on the Kirk to supply patients to him so is beholden indirectly to
Doug) are employed by Kirk owned or allied ventures.  Nothing keeps the
toadies in line like a regular pay check.  Ben Merkle is on the faculty of
New Saint Andrews and is married to Doug's eldest daughter, who mysteriously
refers to her father as a Presbyterian minister on press releases for her
<http://www.ttfabrics.net/cgi-bin/fabricshop/designer.cgi?designer=71> .
When did that ordination happen, Doug?  Gordon Wilson is Doug's brother.

Dale Courtney, Dr. John Grauke, Matt Gray, Ed Iverson, Mike Lawyer, Csaba
Leidenfrost, Ben Merkle, Jim Nance, John Sawyer, Wes Struble, Matt Whitling,
and Gordon Wilson, and Pastor Doug Wilson

Katie Travis and Steven Sitler are "grateful" to NSA librarian and church
elder Ed Iverson and his wife <http://june11eleven.com/?page_id=114>  for
arranging their meeting and supporting their courtship.  It is disturbing to
learn that Miss Travis had known Mr. and Mrs. Iverson for many years prior
to her arrival at NSA.  She boarded with them during her NSA tenure.  I know
there is a word for a person who procures women for men, but I don't know
the word for someone who engineers a marriage with a serial pedophile.  It
is true that Miss Travis asked Ed Iverson to find a suitable husband for
her, but I can't imagine she meant a child molesting felon.  

I wondered if her home church pastor was aware of this travesty.  Silly me.
Of course he was aware. Click on the links for more info on Tim Tucker. The
bolding in the bottom line of his vita is mine.

"Pastor Rev. Tim Tucker <http://www.logosfallon.com/staff/tucker.php>  was
born in Sandpoint, Idaho, but grew-up in Connell, Washington with an older
brother. If he could live anywhere it would be "Right here in Fallon, I love
it here!" Tim is the Pastor of Immanuel Presbyterian Church here in Fallon,
and also serves as the Headmaster of our school. Tim teaches at LCA [Logos
Christian Academy] because he wants to see generational growth in God's
Kingdom in Fallon. In his free time he likes to date his wife, play with his
children and read. Tim is married to Carleen (for 34 years), and they have
eleven blessed children: Heather, Heidi, Holly, Forrest, Hillary, Hannah,
Fred, Ford, Freeman, Finn and Hallie. He is also the proud grandpa of nine
grandchildren with another on the way! Mr. Tucker is committed to classical
education and to the work of rearing up children in the ways of the Lord.
He has been involved in education from a Christian perspective for over 25
years. He has lived in Fallon since 2001.
B.A. (Religion and Philosophy) from Northwest Nazarene University
Fellow of Greyfriar's Hall, Moscow, ID (M.Div. equivalent)

What's with the Pastor Rev. crapola?  I don't see any evidence that a
genuine (recognized by a national affiliation) Presbyterian church ordained
him. Perhaps it is the same church that laid hands on Doug.  Or, could it be
that he is claiming affiliation with a respected denomination to boost his
own rather rickety credentials?  And yes, it is not accidental that fat old
Friar Tuck has also started a Logos clone.  School start up is part of the
requirements for graduation from Doug's pseudo-seminary, Greyfriar's Hall.
(Note the loop effect, Greyfriar graduates have to start up a Logos style
school which in turn must pay to join Doug's school accreditation business
the Association of Classical Christian Schools <http://www.accsedu.org/> .
Kirkers may claim it's about a worldview, but since money is part of every
transaction, it really is all about the money.  Can you smell the pyramid
scheme lurking in the background?)  

If you know anyone if Fallon, Nevada who is looking for a church home, I'd
sure as heck steer them away from this one.  If you'd like to ask Pastor
Rev. Tucker what led him down this path his email is:
friartuck53 at cccomm.net).  Don't expect an answer though; he is not
interested in explaining his role in this ungodly marriage.  Taking
responsibility for bad behavior has never been a high priority in CREC
(Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches - Doug Wilson's home-grown
invention of like-minded individuals.)  Incidentally, CREC utilizes a
presbyterian [note the small "p" it is an adjective not a noun] style of
church governance.  Capitalizing the P does not mean that they meet any of
the requirements for ordination, nor are they associated with nationally
recognized Presbyterian churches.  For example, they are not, absolutely
not, associated with the real live local Presbyterian Church.  Does anyone
think for a moment that because I live in a town called Moscow; saw the
movie Black Swan; and conduct ballet classes on my back patio, that I am
somehow entitled to describe my pretend classes as an extension school of
the Bolshi?  Same deal, and just as ridiculous as Doug's loony claim. 

Speaking of ministers, how 'bout Pastor Eby of our local Nazarene Church?
What makes him tick?  Why in the world did he get involved with this mess?
If he didn't know about Sitler's crimes when the church was rented, he
certainly knows now.  I wonder what his congregation thinks about this use
of their church? It kinda reminds me of the warning in Matthew 21:12
<http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+21&version=NIV> . I
don't have a doubt in the world that Pastor Eby would be  unwilling to rent
his church to a person who is a notorious abortion provider.  I have always
wondered why there is an overwhelming concern to protect the unborn "child"
but not so much for babies after birth.  Steven Sitler has in effect
murdered the spirits of countless children
.html>  but I guess that doesn't count when someone pays top dollar to use
the sanctuary.  (Doug Wilson will perform the service.)

Are you seeing the pattern of spiritually corrupt CREC ministers in this
mess?  As to the parents of both the bride and groom - they are beyond
shame, I get that.  No father in his right mind would give his permission
(which is generally required in CREC marriages) to this grotesque match.  As
far as the Sitler seniors are concerned, they appear to be ecstatic that
they are marrying off that nasty piece of work they hatched.  They have left
their old church
<http://www.tomandrodna.com/CR_2005_02027/Private_Letter.htm>  - the one
that dis-fellowed Steven when he admitted to molesting children (including
at least one in their congregation) - in favor of a new CREC church
<http://knox.crecpresbytery.org/>  plant in Colville.  Everywhere I look I
see the footprints of Doug Wilson's size 14 combat boots.   

And here is the point of this series of emails.  When Doug and the boys rip
off community members in Moscow by running gambling casinos, illegal
boarding houses, plunking a college and an under-the-radar boys school in
central Moscow, or not paying taxes when they rented space to for- profit
businesses on tax free property they are a pain in the ass.  And, yes,
thanks to the lack of backbones the city council let them get by with their
self-entitled bull shit.  The Daily News has had a long-term love affair
with all things Kirkish for years.  A bottle of wine goes a long way to
buying good press I guess.  Again, annoying but not worth much more in the
long run than throwing up ones hands and sighing.  I know that calling out
the Kirk is risky business.  And, most folks have the mother wit not to get
involved. After all, there is a price to pay for pointing out their
nastiness.  Saundra and I, not to mention Tom Hanson, are keenly aware of
this. But we won't stop - silence is acquiescence  and we would be ashamed
of ourselves if we cut and ran when things get a uncomfortable. (Curiously,
shame is a motivator for us, but Kirkers, not so much.)

This wedding is a different kettle of fish - it involves so much more than
cheap chiselers thumbing their noses at city regulations.  This is the
culmination of years of unrelenting propaganda that preaches the sole
purpose of women on this earth is to marry and breed.  Of course Miss Travis
wants a husband, how could she be a real grown up without one?  Getting
married means that God is blessing you. Failure to snag a husband means that
no matter what else you accomplish, you are a failure, half a person,
incomplete, in the eyes of the faithful.  This unrelenting message leads
foolish young woman like Miss Travis to become engaged on a second date to a
really creepy criminal.  Her obsessive desire to be married is heart
breaking on many levels.

But, my sympathy for Miss Travis, although sincere, has to be measured
against what I am sure is her desire to have children.  Someone has to be
the advocate for the (potential) children of this union.  It is clear that
neither set of grandparents give a damn about what could happen to children
in the home of a serial pedophile.  Their lack of concern rules them out as
responsible parents or grandparents.  There is no way on this earth that
Miss Travis, who after all is choosing to marry a molester of toddlers,  is
competent to protect her babies. (Think about it, how likely is it that she
will turn him in when, if convicted, he will spend the rest of his life in

And so, as unpleasant as it is, these emails are my only hope that at least
our community (and anyone who googles the names in this email) will be aware
of what is happening June 11, 2011, thanks to the principal enablers in this
hellish drama.  Stand up and take a bow parents, Don and Betsy Travis;
Roxanne and Dave Sitler; "adopted grandparents" Ed and Paula Iverson; and
pastors Doug Wilson; Tim Tucker; and to a lesser extent Ed Eby.  The elders
in both CREC churches who support this marriage also bear a responsibility
for going along to get along.  Once again, please remember the names of
Christ Church elders in Moscow:

Dale Courtney, Dr. John Grauke, Matt Gray, Ed Iverson, Mike Lawyer, Csaba
Leidenfrost, Ben Merkle, Jim Nance, John Sawyer, Wes Struble, Matt Whitling,
and Gordon Wilson, and Pastor Doug Wilson

for they are  men who promoted/protected evil to achieve God only knows
what. (One can't help but speculate if ample donations to the New Saint
Andrews library have appeared over the last six months)   I can say
unequivocally, not a one of them would have permitted Steven Sitler to marry
their own daughters.  Sadly, Miss Travis was groomed by these jackasses, and
their CREC brothers to be expendable.

Rose Huskey


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