[Vision2020] House Bill 222 - Weapons on campus

Lynn McCollough lmccollough at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 22:17:02 PST 2011

The following is a quote from today's Boise Weekly:

"Marty Peterson, assistant to the president of the University of
Idaho, talked about a 2007 incident when a sniper terrorized the
community of Moscow.

"We had a U of I student grab his .45 caliber pistol and head toward
the sniper," said Peterson. "The sniper proceeded to fire 31 rounds at
the student, hitting him with three bullets. Fortunately he lived, but
that student is now suing the university."

Is the person who grabbed their .45 really suing the U of I? I had not
heard of this action resulting from that tragic incident. I do not
understand how anyone could possibly include the University as having
something to defend re. this tragedy of domestic violence escalating
horrifically. Does anyone know more about this?

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