[Vision2020] "Democracy Now" Interview: Parenti's "Tropic of Chaos:" Global Warming & Global Warfare

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 09:48:14 PDT 2011

Christian Parenti's book "Tropic of Chaos" is discussed in todays
interview on Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now," regarding global warming
and global warfare, at website below.

One important point mentioned is that as the GOP has denied that
global warming is a significant threat indicating it be substantially
addressed, the Pentagon has taken global warming very seriously:


>From website above:

Extreme weather from Texas to Somalia may indicate that a new era of
climate war is upon us. Just this month, massive floods have shut down
two nuclear power facilities in Nebraska. In New Mexico, the nation’s
top nuclear weapons lab in Los Alamos is being threatened by an
uncontrolled wildfire. Meanwhile, the United Nations warns the Horn of
Africa is facing its worst drought in 60 years, affecting more than 10
million in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda. We speak
with award-winning journalist Christian Parenti who argues in his new
book that global warming is leading to social and environmental
catastrophe. "The weather associated with climate change, extreme
weather such as the drought, punctuated by flooding in East Africa,
punctuated by flooding in East Africa, is adding to this. Climate
change very often doesn’t just look bad weather, it looks like ethnic
violence or religious violence or banditry or civil war,” says
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