[Vision2020] Montana Governor Urges Megaload Construction in Montana

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Schweitzer urges megaload construction in Montana

Associated Press
HELENA, Mont. (AP) - Gov. Brian Schweitzer is telling Exxon Mobil Corp. officials that the company should manufacture some of their oversized oil refinery equipment in Montana as a way of reducing criticism against "megaload" shipments.

More than 200 of the oversized rigs are slated to travel through Idaho and Montana over the next year to the Kearl Oil Fields in Alberta, Canada. But the shipments have been mired in legal and political disputes.

Critics argue the loads will tie up traffic and damage roads in pristine areas. The loads are also criticized by conservationists who oppose developing Canada's oil sands.

Schweitzer has no such issues. He advised the company in a Friday meeting a portion of future loads could be made in Montana to create jobs and make it easier to overcome objections.


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