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You bet! If memory serves me correctly, he performed two years running at the U of I's Blue Mtn. Rock Festival. One of those times in the SUB because the weather turned so bad that the arboritum had to be abondoned. Weird show, as best as I can recall, from what appeared to be a very odd fella. The number that stands out in my mind was his performance of the "tune" merry-go-round which consisted of him singing the lyric merry-go, merry-go, merry-go-round repeatedly while spinning in a tight circle for about 15 minutes or so. Powerful stuff.

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  Wildman Fisher performed in the sub... This was way back in the day, I mean, way, way back in the day. 
  The first year I heard him was 1969. But of course, didn't everything happen in 1969.


  Does anyone else remember him?

  Happy Weekend!


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