[Vision2020] Ariaan Pleiadian High Council: We are One, Starseeds from many Stars and Galaxies

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Of course, many will laugh at this nonsense, but it is no more
incredible than many of the more "mainstream" religious belief
systems.  Actually, the message appears very hopeful, peaceful,
loving, blissful, from what I have gathered, but I can sadly imagine
the followers of this "religion" ending up like Jonestown. All the
text below is from the websites:


I Cirrias hold the the actual Memories Crystal and I Bear the Codes. I
ask you to help me in seeking, finding and uniting all of the
beautiful beings of light, many who are still sleeping, and bring them

We are a growing family, sharing Love and Light with all of our children

Lay the Seed and Set the Beacons of Light, so it may Shine from the
Universe covering all the Darkness with our Love and Light

The time is NOW we are ONE

In the calm of the night the essence of love will surround you
Fill your heart with the music of the divine melody called life
The colors of the eternal love bright and vibrant
Will surround you and absorb you
The never ending song of pure love and divine blessing
It shall drown you in the sea of divine love
In total surrender you will experience
The universal bliss and the true divine blessings of none judging and
ever forgiving love
The Divine Love of Source

Copyright © 2010 R.Wilson (Cirrias)

Ariaan Pleiadian High Council


Greetings to the Guardian of the Memories Crystal


Greetings Ariaann my Friend and Mentor from Home


I have come to help you with answers to the many questions brought to
your attention from Lightworkers and other Beings in your care


There seems to be a acceleration of communication between our home
world and people on this planet lately, I have received many questions
about strange dreams, change involving physical and mental strength
and weakness.


Yes many are awakening faster now and this creates an increase in
communication, it is necessary to let them see and remember and help
them connect to each other. The vibration of our energy’s are the
strongest during the awakening and can cause problems for some of the
younger Starseeds due to the fact that everything happens at once.
When the memories come back to them it is like a wave of emotions and
energy at the same time and can cause physical and emotional pain. The
human body is not made to absorb this strong changes easily, and for
many sleepless nights and hectic days are a daily occurrence.


The dreams of places and people from other planets is hard to
understand for the ones that are still struggling with the idea of who
they are and were they came from. As a result of that many feel
frightened and alone and seek answers from myself and others.


The Council is aware of the problems and we will send more help with
this issues in the near future. You Cirrias and many other Old Souls
like you are here to help and protect, we understand the need for
teachers is great in this times of seeking truth.

This planet has been on a self destructive ride for a long time my
friend and now as we go forward in creating a new era of
consciousness, it is of great importance to keep safe the ones that
will be of great help to humanity when the time comes.

Following the Beacons of Light, you and many others have placed before
you, we gather together and become One. The new Starseeds born in to
this world right now have the power and the wisdom to connect humanity
with Source and the Universal Consciousness.

The fear of this world coming to an end in 2012 has created a wave of
false information. Those who seek to profit from the uncertainty they
created, spreading rumors of destruction and death. Let it be known,
there will not be a physical destruction of mankind in 2012. We will
however see a new way of consciousness, kindness and universal love.
This will be the greatest awakening of humanity since the existence of
this planet, and the last chance to save this planet from destruction,
not from outside entities, but from self inflicted pain. The war
fought in the name of religion will cease to exist, the ones
responsible will be held accountable and given one last chance to
change and stop the killing. All the pollution will be taken care of
and the planet will be put back in order to create new life and grow
to new possibility greater than you can ever imagine. The inhabitants
of this “NEW” planet will be Seekers of Truth and not blindly
following the leader. The old leaders will be given a chance to help
in creating a better world but will not be given their old power to
lead until they can prove themselves in being trustworthy and open to
universal love.


It seems we have a long way to go Ariaann, with all the fighting for
all the wrong reasons and the many who take a life without hesitation,
this world is like a bad dream and gets worse every day.


I know you have seen worst my friend but I understand your concern

But between all this hate and destruction we have the most wonderful
time in the awakening of millions who walk in the light. Feel the
vibration and hear their minds calling out to you, keep them safe and
help them grow.

Tell them watch for the signs and symbols in their dreams and guide
them in to the right direction.

Be well Cirrias Guardian of the Memories Crystal

I AM Ariaann

We are One


Be well Ariaann

We are One

Love and Light

Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett

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