[Vision2020] Ex-Governors to Help Launch Idaho Education Task Force

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SOME teachers, etc....quite an understatement, don’t you think.   There are a lot of ugly “reforms” taking place in Fla, but I didn’t know Bush had any part in them. 

Sue H.  

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Ex governors to help launch Idaho ed task force
BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Public schools chief Tom Luna says two former governors will visit Idaho next week to help him kick off the first meeting of his technology task force.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former West Virginia Gov. Bob Wise are expected to make presentations Tuesday when Luna's task force convenes at the Idaho Capitol in Boise. The task force was formed as part of Luna's new education reforms and the group will study the implementation of a laptop program for Idaho high school students.

The state will also limit teachers union bargaining rights, introduce merit pay and shift money from salaries to classroom technology as part of Luna's education reforms.

Some teachers, parents and students have criticized the measures, prompting a referendum campaign aimed at repealing them.


Seeya round town, Moscow.

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