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Bears are so much fun to watch, especially when they go about their business totally ignoring you.  Last week in Jasper and Banff Parks we watched two grizzly and one black bear in separate episodes foraging and cavorting.

Unless they present a clear and eminent danger, it is hard to understand why people kill them.  They are almost human in a childlike way.

Histories of Jasper, Alberta often point out that until the late 1950s about 1/3 of the towns population were black bears.  Bears and people lived peacefully and happily together.  It was only the advent of growing numbers of really clueless tourists that upset this balance.

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  Nap time coming: An adult black bear runs through a Tualatin Elementary School yard Wednesday in Tualatin, Ore., south of Portland. Police tracked the bear roaming in a wooded area near the school. The bear was tranquilized, then captured after it fell asleep in a tree.

  (Photo courtesy of the Spokesman-Review)




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