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This is the coolest piece of equipment since the Loader that Sigourney Weaver used to finish off the Mama Alien in "Aliens" (the second movie). How do I get to drive it, as it is unlikely I will get to use a Loader, or even the clone militery version from that really bad/great CGA movie Avatar? Too bad I'm too old to learn to drive the upcoming heavy equipment---and I still want my flying car, dammit!
Debi R-S

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  Joe will probably harangue me for changing the subject, but I just have to share a picture of what is probably the ugliest piece of equipment known to man, but the city's newest tool in the winter battle against snow berms.


  With special thanks to North Latah County Highway District Chairman Richard Hansen and Moscow Public Works Director Les MacDonald for swinging the deal to make it happen, I present: 






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