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Sure enough, after all the promises that the megaloads posed no problems to those of us who also use the Highway 95 route, a megaloads driver smashed into a couple of cars.  Thankfully, the megaloads didn’t kill anyone this time.  For specifics, see the Daily News article reprinted below.  
There’s plenty of blame to go around, but the responsibility really belongs to Idaho’s Republican power structure, from Gov. Otter to the legislature to the lackeys at the state department of transportation.  All they saw was money coming their way.  They didn’t consider the safety and welfare of the citizens.  
Idaho’s state government really needs an enema.  It’s time to clean out these autocratic Republicans.   BL
Megaloads suspended after accident 
By Brandon Macz, Daily News staff writer | Posted: Thursday, December 8, 2011 12:00 am 

The Idaho Transportation Department has suspended further shipments of Imperial Oil refinery modules from the Port of Lewiston following a Tuesday night accident south of Moscow.

Three shipments that left the port Tuesday night were supposed to stop at a staging area on U.S. Highway 95 before traveling through Moscow in a convoy, but one driver attempted to leave the area before southbound traffic was released, said Capt. Lonnie Richardson with Idaho State Patrol Region 2 in Lewiston. The module itself struck a Chevy Astro causing severe damage and minor damage when it was pushed into the vehicle behind it. No one was injured, Richardson said.

"The driver did not remain at the staging area once he got there," said Richardson. "The driver did not follow the approved safety plan ... This was clearly driver error."
While ISP continues its investigation, shipments have been suspended until a safety plan is approved,according to an email statement from ITD spokesman Adam Rush. The suspension includes three shipments schedule to travel Wednesday.

Imperial Oil spokesman Pius Rolheiser said the oil company will keep its shipments suspended until safety issues are corrected to its standards.

"Until we can make measures to make sure this doesn't happen again, we won't move until we're confident this won't happen again," said Rolheiser. "Imperial would ultimately be responsible. It's our understanding that the damage to the vehicle was relatively minor, but we take incidents like this very seriously."

While ISP holds a contract to escort the shipments from the Port of Lewiston to the Idaho/Montana border, Richardson said there is no conflict with his agency investigating the accident, adding safety is one facet of the agreement.

"Initially, that's one of the reasons we got involved," he said, adding ISP officers were immediately available. "Every attempt was made to stop the load from moving forward, short of yanking out the driver. It just happened too quick ... We were able to handle the incident expediently."

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