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This is a fool's errand.

I attended the last one this summer.  I expressed a number of concerns to Ken Helm.  I was then told that I must submit my comments in writing for them to really be considered.

Further, Jim Carpenter, on a tour with a very concerned Rep. Tom Trai and I, promised certain things would be done this summer about two hazardous situations.  As far as I can see, nothing has been done.  In fact, because of the way a work-in-progress came about, one site (US 95 at Lewis Rd) is now even more hazardous.

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  North-Central Idaho Corridor Studies

  The Idaho Transportation Department is preparing corridor plans for every federal and state highway in north-central Idaho.  Each plan will include potential project for the next 10 years.

  Drop in anytime between 4:30 and 7:00 p.m. to comment on potential projects for the highways you drive.

  The public meeting in Moscow will be tomorrow evening, September 29th in the City Council Chambers, 206 E. 3rd Street.

  Can't attend?
  Send your comments to District 2 Senior Planner Ken Helm at (208) 799-5090 or d2corridorcontact at itd.idaho.gov or visit www.itd.idaho.gov/projects/d2 and click on D2 Corridor Studies.

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