[Vision2020] FW: Frontier Mail Is Almost Here

deb debismith at moscow.com
Mon Sep 20 15:55:24 PDT 2010

Untitled DocumentOK. I know it's just PR to get us to buy more "services", and we should question it....Annoying when even these promises still don't help me one little bit----still unable to get anything but dial-up out here on the Mountain, can't get dish reception where we sit, can't use cell phones, and it takes approximately an hour to download a photo.....If my Frontier bill goes up, so will my ire. And right now I'm pretty damn predisposed to being irrate at utility companies, given the clearcut along Highway 95 on our property courtesy of Clearwater Power and Time-Warner (neither of which we use). Not to mention the assinine behaviour of the "supervisor" from Clearwater Power who called me "Little Lady" while hauling his Archy Bunker Gut around the ruts his truck made in our land.

Also, who can we talk to about making their bills look like bills instead of junk mail? They look exactly like those "fishing expeditions" from credit card companies.....How many people have thrown them in the trash and had to pay late fees? OOOOH, I feel a mini-conspiracy theory comin' on! Yahoo, that was what was missing from my week.....

Yep, cranky old lady on a rant.....that would, indeed, be me!
Debi R-S
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  I know I'm over 3 emails in a day with this, but I thought those with Frontier (formerly Verizon) might be interested in the below.


  Saundra Lund


  From: Frontier Communications [mailto:do_not_reply at frontier.com] 
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        Hi. We wanted to remind you about your new and improved email service from Frontier-Frontier Mail-is coming soon. Frontier Mail offers you more storage, more features, and easier navigation.

        Important Information

        Your email account is scheduled for migration to your new email address during the week of 09/27/2010. Once converted, your new email address will change to X. Your Frontier email account may be unavailable for an hour or so during this time as we move all your saved mail and contacts to your new mailbox.

        Also, please don't forget about the special printing discount we have made available to you for all your updated supplies.

        Learn More Now

        To find out more about Frontier Mail, we invite you to view a short demo at http://www.frontier.com/frontiermail.

        To find out more about printing supply discounts and the upcoming change to your email, please visit us at http://www.frontier.com/new.

        Additional Support

        If you ever need assistance with your new email account, know that we're here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Visit us at http://www.frontier.com/new and select Contact Us for assistance from a Technical Support Representative.

        Thank you,

        Guy Philosoph

        Vice President, Internet Services



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