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My mom and I were actually looking to adopt a new cat when we got Jack. I
have a friend who boards her horse at a local riding stable and one of the
barn cats gave birth to a kitten. It seemed that spaying didn’t work on
the cat, so she gave birth to a single, deformed kitten and was not able
to produce milk. Luckily the owners recently had her fixed, so I’m hoping
this doesn’t happen again.

Jack (at the time he was known as Stevie Wonder) was born without eyes.
He’s very lucky with his timing. He grew up having other kittens to play
and socialize with, and was used to people from the moment he was born
since there are always kids hanging around the barn. He was a favourite
amongst the students at the barn. However, when it came time to find the
kittens homes, no one knew where Jack would end up. Although some of the
kittens already had homes, the ones they couldn’t find homes for would go
to the local vet’s to be put up for adoption. They didn’t want to do that
with Jack. There was no doubt any of the “normal” kittens would find homes
there, but Jack was special.

That’s when I got an e-mail from my friend. All she asked was “Do you
still want one of the kittens? There’s one here with no eyes and no one
can take him.” She knows me too well. Without thinking I told her that I
did want the kitten. I wouldn’t be able to put him in the barn, but who

I changed his name from Stevie Wonder because I used to have a cat named
Stevie who passed away a couple years ago. I’m a huge fan of old TV shows
and thought Jack Tripper was a good name for a kitten who couldn’t see. He
has done a few classic “Jack Tripper” moves, too. Although he gets around
very well (especially now that he knows the layout of the house) but he
sometimes does trip or fall over things.

When we first brought him home Jack stayed mostly in my room. He walked
cautiously around, sniffing everything. After about a day he had no issues
running around, jumping onto my bed and climbing on everything. It wasn’t
long before he mastered the rest of the house, either. He went through a
time where he could climb the stairs, but couldn’t get down. He would sit
at the top and cry until someone came and got him. He’s big enough now
that he can get down on his own. Every now and then when he gets
disoriented he’ll stop and cry. But we just call his name and talk to him
and it isn’t long before he finds his way back to us.

He also went through a period where he would wake me up every morning
between 5 – 6 by licking my nose. I’m not a morning person and like my
sleep, so I would try everything to get him to stop. I’d pull him away,
but he’d come back up and start licking again. I’d turn over, but he’d
walk over to my other side and lick my nose some more. I’d even try lying
on my stomach, but he’d crouch down, turn his head upside down, and keep
on licking my nose! He’s stopped that for the most part now. He’ll still
lick my nose, but usually waits until I’m awake now.

Also, a few weeks after getting Jack, we got a new barn cat named Bear.
Bear is very friendly and likes to come sit outside with us in the
evenings. I always take Jack outside at that time for some fresh air and
exercise. He loves to run (at top speed!) around the back yard and
gardens. Bear and Jack have become best friends. It doesn’t matter that he
can’t see, Jack always knows when Bear is around. He’ll run across the
yard straight to Bear and wrap his front legs around his neck in a big
hug. They chase each other around and wrestle, and when they’re tired
they’ll lie down in the grass together.

He has absolutely no eyes at all. Because of that, his eyelids are too
long since they have nothing to cover. His eye holes tend to get weepy
because that irritates them a little. As he’s growing, he’s started to
grow into his eyelids and may have no issues there at all. But if they’re
still irritating him when we take him in to get fixed then our vet will
sew his eyes shut. Other than that, he’s perfectly healthy.

Jack is truly an inspiration. I’ve owned a lot of kittens in my life, but
Jack is the happiest, most playful of them all. He doesn’t feel sorry for
himself. Heck, for all he knows, all cats are just like him. People who
know Jack don’t feel sorry for him. They cherish him for the treasure that
he is. I have talked to a few people who haven’t met him personally who
tend to pity him, but they just don’t understand. Jack doesn’t need pity.
I think Jean (who has Gumbo the eyeless ginger) said it best when she told
me that cats don’t have disabilities, they have adaptabilities.


"Hi I am Jack. I can't see, but I can get around just fine."



"When this picture was taken, Jack was hopping through the grass. I'd call
his name and he'd come hopping towards me. He crashed into my camera just
after this was taken!" - Jamie



Adventurous little Jack.



"He's growing like a weed and every day gets more daring and adventurous!
He's comfortable with the entire house now, which means I have to go
looking for him if I want him. You can take your eyes off of him for just
a second and he's gone, climbing up onto something or grabbing at
something he shouldn't be. But he's cute, so it's okay.When I take Jack
outside to play in the yard he doesn't just walk around the garden now, he
runs everywhere! I have never seen a cat run as fast as him. When he hits
something, he just turns around and runs the other way." - Jamie



Getting ready for pounce.






"Jack loves hanging out with his uncle Bear. He runs straight to him from
across the yard and wraps his front legs around his neck in a big hug. The
two of them will wrestle and chase each other around. When they get
tuckered out, Jack and Bear will lay in the grass next to each other. Bear
is so good to little Jack, it's nice to see Jack with a cat friend." -




Later, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Reno, Nevada

"The Pessimist complains about the wind, the Optimist expects it to change
and the Realist adjusts his sails."

- Unknown

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