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Saundra Lund v2020 at ssl.fastmail.fm
Wed Sep 15 20:11:12 PDT 2010

Hi Kit,

Unfortunately, what email settings you need to set up seems to depend on
what part of Frontier's Web site you wind up at!

What is Frontier's incoming mail server?

What is Frontier's outgoing mail server?

Other areas in Frontier's Web site set for Moscow, ID 83843 show Verizon's
settings being used:

I'm not sure, but it looks like perhaps Frontier isn't blocking outbound
port 25?

Interesting about your client -- we've not heard anything more about the
email migration, so your report is the first local one I've heard of someone
actually being migrated.  Can you find out if the notification process was
as sucky as it sounded (one week notice, and logon credentials &
instructions not send until the actual day)?  One of the complaints I've
heard from other areas is about the lack of advance notice, so I'm wondering
if it's really going to be as bad as it sounds.  It doesn't matter much to
me since I quit using Verizon's email addy over a year ago, but my dh is
pretty annoyed about having to change his email addy.


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Today I was trying to migrate a client's email access from Verizon to
Frontier. It took forever to load the initial page. Glancing at the adddress
bar, I noticed it was set to a directory at "Zimby.com".  
After several minutes with nothing loading, the URL switched to Frontier and
eventually the log in page popped up.

Any body know what "Zimby" is and why it should do an invisible load before
one's email is accessible?

Also, anybody know the incoming and outgoing addresses so I can set up
computer (not web) based mail programs (Outlook, mac Mail, etc). I haven't
been able to pry that info out of Frontier.

Kit Craine

On Sep 15, 2010, at 11:11 AM, Saundra Lund wrote:

> I couldn't think of a better place than here to ask . . .
> For those of you with Frontier/Verizon DSL "high speed" Internet, have 
> any of you noticed things being slower?
> I don't know the technical details of my question so I'm not sure 
> where the problem lies (any explanation would be appreciated), but 
> I've been noticing that Web pages are taking longer to be "found" 
> after I click on hyperlinks
> I've been using -- I've checked, and the links are still correct.   
> Streaming
> video often doesn't seems as smooth as it used to be, downloading 
> songs from Amazon & iTunes seems to be a bit slower, and uploading 
> seems to have slowed to a crawl.  At first, I thought it was just 
> me/my computer, but I was ranting to myself the other night, and my dh 
> mentioned that he'd noticed it, too.  I checked my laptop & I'm seeing 
> the same thing there.
> I'm getting various results on speed & ping tests, not that I know 
> what those mean, but they are tests that I've run fairly regularly 
> (every month or two), and I've never seen results -- especially ping & 
> upload -- scores as poor as I seem to regularly be seeing recently.
> Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
> Saundra
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