[Vision2020] Liquid-Metal Fast-Breeder Reactor: Twice as Much Energy in World Uranium Reserves (!) as in Fossil Fuel Reserves

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 16:48:20 PDT 2010

Perhaps environmentalists who are opposed to peaceful nuclear power should
consider the technology proposed below, given it has the potential to
greatly reduce reliance on fossil fuels, dependence on which (especially
coal) has polluted the environment and caused more premature human death
than peaceful nuclear power, many times over.  The nuclear genie is out of
the bottle anyway, and those determined to abuse nuclear technology for
nefarious ends will not be deterred by environmentalists who oppose nuclear
power for peaceful energy generation.

Read document "Resource Limitations on Earth-Energy," Kulcinski, 2004,
University of Wisconsin-Madison, on page 28, regarding the claim in the
subject heading:


HyperPhysics website (way cool one stop shop for Physics science) from
Georgia State University, with info on liquid metal fast breeder reactors::



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