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I don't know any thing about the Franklin interchange. Yes he was a Milton Friedman Libertarian. That also makes him a conservative. He was a little far out on some issues and latter had a falling out with Steve Symes, beacuse he did not think Steve was conservative enough. All in all though he fought a good fight for limited government  and will be missed by many folks. 
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> And Ralph was personally responsible for the total destruction of  Caldwell
> for the last 50 years.  The guy was a gadfly with a stupid message.  He
> wasn't a conservative.  He was a Milton Friedman libertarian who never saw a
> chance to crap on anything that had to do with government, as long as it 
> didn't involve him and his pocket book.  Look at the mess he created out by 
> the freeway and the Franklin interchange.  I, for one, won't cut this guy 
> any slack.  Chuck Kovis
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> > Some of you may know or have heard of Ralph Smeed. He  passed away tuesday 
> > afternoon of Cancer. He was a long time activist for conservative causes 
> > and helped launch the political career of Steve Symes.
> > Roger
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