[Vision2020] Muslims are Part of Our Culture

Ralph Nielsen nielsen at uidaho.edu
Sat Sep 4 12:07:08 PDT 2010

When we was touring in Spain about 10 years ago my wife and I visited  
the cathedral in Cordoba. The cathedral itself was built in a part of  
the mosque, and the rest of the mosque is still standing "as is." One  
of the bell towers of the cathedral in Seville is put on top of the  
minaret of the former mosque.

In the cathedrals and churches of Spain We also saw tons of gold and  
silver statues and ornamentation made from treasure plundered from  
the Spanish New World by devout Christians who brought the Gospel to  
the pagan Indians.

On another note, in Cordoba our tour bus had to cross the  
Guadalquivir River (an Arabic name) on the old bridge because the new  
bridge was being repaired. The old bridge was built by Julius Caesar,  
who was murdered in the year 44 B.C.E.


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