[Vision2020] Muslims are Part of Our Culture

Garrett Clevenger garrettmc at verizon.net
Fri Sep 3 13:49:00 PDT 2010

GS writes:

"Be it peace-loving Muslims or radical terrorists Muslims behind the
funding and construction of the Park 51 mosque, based on ancient and
recent history I'm astounded that Ms Rivetti cannot see the culturally
insensitive nature of this mosque."

Yeah, you guys, didn't you know the terrorists won?  They were able to get Americans to join the modern crusades and dump our values.

That means we spend hundreds of billions of dollars and countless lives (giving Islamic crusaders another recruiting tool), and forget about our civil liberties and Constitution in our self-righteous rage.

They even have their ally Glenn Beck urging us to be more like mid-east religious fanatics who bow down to "God" 5 times a day.  That sure is one way to take "the Great Satan" (the US) down.

In 10 years when we are all compliant (and forget about separation of church and state) perhaps we'll be less sensitive to real or imagined trespasses.

Of course Christianity has its own demons, but hey, if it's our own guys doing bad for the "greater good" then what's a little evil now and then?

Only our guys deserve forgiveness, right?

But seriously, while I don't care if the mosque is built or not, it does seem that sensitive conservatives are once again willing to usurp our Constitution to make them feel better.

Admittedly, I'm very sensitive to fanatics trampling on our Constitution so I wish these people would stop being so childish and learn to respect what was fought for so hard. You can't pass religious laws and you can't keep people from practicing their religion.

It would be dangerous precedent if government begins regulating religion. It would be an irony if that precedent backfires and these same religious nuts find themselves regulated.  Hmm, maybe that wouldn't be so bad after all.

Anybody up for a Constitutional Convention?

Garrett Clevenger

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