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Mon Nov 29 11:05:22 PST 2010

The points you brought up are examples of Joe's  critical thinking shills.
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> On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 4:06 PM, Joe Campbell <philosopher.joe at gmail.com>wrote:
> > I'm happy for you that the fact that at least two radical rightwing
> > churches, ones who continually disrespect and even threaten people who
> > have alternative world views, exist in Moscow; that one of them ran a
> > candidate for political office, hoping to extend their narrow, bigoted
> > views.
> I'm going to assume that the above incomplete sentence was intended to say
> something along the lines that the radical rightwing churches don't bother
> me.  Again, you are reading more into my note than I actually said.  You
> have no idea what I think of them.  All you know is that I didn't think we
> needed to bring Christ Church into Tom's church list question.  That comment
> was followed by Tom himself saying something very similar in a follow-up
> note.  I am perfectly happy that you are interested in these two churches.
>  Just because something is not a topic I pursue vociferously does not mean
> others shouldn't.  Unfortunately, this listserv seems like a one note
> instrument when almost everything is linked to that same topic.
> As to any new remarks made by NSA-how are they breaking news?  Are they
> breaking with previous pronouncements?  You (and others) find their beliefs
> and stances repugnant.  Nothing new there.  If the dog has always smelled,
> why keep talking about it if that is all the action you plan to take?
> I do find it interesting how you feel free to make accusations about me but
> are unwilling/able to back them up when pressed (Too summarize for our
> viewership you have made four unproven/untrue accusations about me:  1.  I
> am unconcerned about these local churches.  2. I have criticized people that
> are.  3.  I am only concerned about threatening remarks made about
> Christians.  4.  I am a Christian-I'll concede this point, I'm a
> Protestant.).  That's a lot of unwarranted assumptions you make about me.
>  We all know what happens when you ass-u-me.  Doesn't lead credence to your
> other discussion points.  I hope for better use of argumentation and logic
> from a philosopher with such an awesome name.
> I've told you how I stand up for what I'm concerned about.  I volunteer
> and/or work for agencies that make a difference.  Do you do anything other
> than write and talk?  Nott meant as a jab.  I really am curious, and suspect
> others on v2020 are too.  I know it means more to me when someone combines
> their talk with action.  As an aside, I am currently reading a bio of Irish
> hunger striker Bobby Sands.  What a guy!  He REALLY walked the talk.

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