[Vision2020] discharging firearms- was Pres mans-up, Crabtree doesn't

Robert Dickow dickow at uidaho.edu
Sat Nov 6 15:28:55 PDT 2010

Isn't the restriction on hunters prohibiting the use of automatic weapons
one related to simple sportsmanship? It's a bit like forbidding the use of
dynamite to catch bass in a pond. Now, if we were able to equip our stock of
trout with grenades, then I feel that it would much more sporting to allow
heavy weaponry to our fishermen as well. .Like, well, US Navy depth charges.


Bob Dickow, troublemaker


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Why don't you tell us what and NRA's and your (if they differ) position is
on hunting with:


1.    Semi-automatic weapons?


2.    Automatic weapons?


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