[Vision2020] Karl Rove Tells Energy Groups "Climate is Dead"

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Rove Tells Energy Groups "Climate is Dead"
By Farron Cousins <http://www.energyboom.com/users/farron-cousins> on
November 5, 2010

After the Republican Party swept the U.S. midterm elections this week,
Republican strategist Karl Rove told a crowd of oil producers that “climate
is gone.”

Rove made the comments at a oil-shale gas conference being hosted by Hart
Energy Publishing, L.L.C., where he was the keynote speaker on opening
day. According
to a report by Climate
Rove told the assembled crowd:

*“Climate is gone. I don’t think you need to worry the new Congress will
consider proposed legislation to put the controversial practice of hydraulic
fracturing under federal rather than state regulation.*"

As Climate Progress points out, Rove might actually be correct with his
statement, as The Geological Society of London
it will take 100,000 years for our climate to recover from the effects
of manmade climate change.

Hart Energy is a leader in the production of shale oil as an alternative to
conventional oil drilling, but the environmental effects of shale are
considered by many to be just as devastating as crude oil.

Hart has at least two more shale oil conventions
<http://www.hartenergyconferences.com/>scheduled before the end of this
year, and as we’ve reported, Republicans in the U.S. Senate are working to
end environmental restrictions
are prohibiting corporations from expanding their efforts to produce shale
oil. While these efforts have currently fallen short in Congress, the large
numbers of Republicans who will be taking office in January could make this
repeal a reality.

The CEO of Hart Energy, Frederick Potter, has been a staunch ally of the
Republican Party<http://www.campaignmoney.com/political/contributions/frederick-potter.asp?cycle=02>for
a long time, donating more than $60,000 of his own money to their
campaigns over the last decade, while giving only $1,500 to Democratic
politicians and causes.


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