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Thanks, Joe. I agree with you about Leigh, on both counts--and he is also a great boss; we may not always agree, but he is always a fair-minded and honorable man. Leigh deserves to be treated with the same respect that he shows to others. 

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Great letter! Thanks for setting him straight! Leigh is a great guy and a true value to our community. Joe

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They are never going to print this, but here is my Letter to the Editor regarding Rozen's biased and ill-informed editorial:  

Mr. Rozen,


                 I work with Leigh Robartes on the KRFP Evening Report
              and I have seen and/or listened to all the KRFP Candidates
              Forums in the past two elections.  Leigh is an excellent,
              fair minded News Director, who does everything in his
              power to treat all of the candidates fairly and equally.
              That goes for our news broadcasts, as well as the
              Candidates Forums. Leigh and I
                don't even know who each other is voting for; not
                discussing how we intend to vote is part of staying fair
                and objective in our coverage.


                  Your total mischaracterization of the forums and your
              statement that if the two Republican candidates had kept
              their commitments and shown up for the forum they would
              have been "lectured to by KRFP's listeners and asked
              loaded and pointed questions about their religious as well
              as their political views", is not only
                unfounded, it is also clearly the result of sloppy
                journalism on your part. All of the previously recorded
                Candidate Forums and Evening News broadcasts are
                available to listen to, at any time, on our website. You
                just didn't bother to do your homework.  And for the
                record, both of us have gone out out our way to be fair
                and neutral in our coverage of the Bouma Postcard
                debacle. Had you done even a modicum of research, you
                would have found out all of the above.


                    Shame on you, sir, for besmirching Leigh's good
                name. You owe him, and his listeners, an apology.


                Susan Austin,


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