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thanks, Bill. We will follow suit.....
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  Here's another story of corporate arrogance, but one with a happy ending.

  Our phone company, Verizon, took $85 from us by adding that amount to our automatic monthly credit card payment in December 2009. Verizon claimed the $85 was charged to pay for repairs that we had not received or ordered. So, we called to protest. The Verizon representative said they would make sure the money was returned to us since their repair department acknowledged that the $85 charge was bogus.

  For four months, the $85 was not returned and we called every month and got the same promises. 

  Our last call was May 10. This time the representative informed us that after so many months of these appeals, Verizon policy states that the company can just refuse to pay. Verizon unilaterally decided that we were too much trouble and were closing the case and keeping our money. The end.

  Not quite. On May 11, we called the Idaho Public Utilities Commission, explained the situation and asked them to investigate. On May 12, we got a very apologetic call from Verizon. The Verizon representative was oh-so sorry for the misunderstanding, and was oh-so thankful that the IPUC brought this problem to their attention. The $85 they took from us would be applied to our June and July regular billing. 

  There's a moral here, especially for all the tea-partiers and arch-conservatives who want to let the corporations have total dominion in this country by decimating the budgets and power of government. Remember that big business is not your buddy, and if you take away the checks and balances provided by a strong state and federal government, you will not have anyone to turn to if you want your $85 back.



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