[Vision2020] Ants

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Mon May 17 16:59:29 PDT 2010

Sure, Dave -

Hire an army (or several armies) from an opposing ant culture.  Maybe if
you are fortunate . . . maybe even procure the services of an Al-Qaeda
sleeper cell of killer ants.

But this may take months . . . years . . . cause anguish in your otherwise
tranquil neighborhood.

However, if you can afford him, and fortunate enough to find him, maybe .
. . just maybe . . . you can hire . . .

Atom Ant

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

> Man, you have one heck of a long attention span, I would have lost count
> at around 30.
> Mother nature got rid of my carpenter ants for me by moving in a hive of
> red and black mound ants (the real vicious kind).  I was about to kill
> the mound ants so that I could travel that part of my yard without
> getting bit when I noticed then carring off carpenter ant bodies.  So I
> put up with the mound ants until there was no sign of the carpenter
> ants, then I killed the mound with a very small amount of ant dust and a
> shovel.
> So I say let them duke it out, and then poison the red ones.
> I have a new kind of ant problem, they look like carpenter ants but they
> go for food
> especially sugar.  I'm thinking about trying to import another hive of
> red and blacks to get rid of them.
> Dave

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