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In Process: Law Enforcement and Security Services RFP
Tuesday, May 4

The University of Idaho has been reviewing proposals from vendors in
response to a Request for Proposals to provide law enforcement and
security services on the Moscow campus. The University has a good
relationship with the City of Moscow Police, which has provided law
enforcement services for 25 years. However, the cost of that contract has
nearly doubled since 2001. The institution took the opportunity to assess
its additional security needs and, under State Board of Education policy
that required the University to enter into a competitive bid process for
the scope of services under such a contract, developed the combined law
enforcement and security services RFP.

Following an open bidding process, seven vendors submitted proposals and
after careful review, a committee has narrowed the field into a pre-award
negotiation phase. The narrowing of vendors does not mean a final award or
decision has been made, only that the University is entering into
negotiations to further refine expectations and needs outlined in the
proposals; the proposals as submitted exceed the current funding levels.
The University of Idaho is committed to ensuring that the campus
environment is safe for those who live, learn, work and visit here and
will work carefully during this next phase to ensure that our commitment
will be fulfilled. There is no timeline set for reaching a negotiated
contract. Any final agreement would be pending review and approval by the
Board of Regents.


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