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I'd love to help Dan, Mr. Holmquist.  On the other hand, I'm not at all certain that the Latah County Democrats understands that Gresham Bouma isn't just any ol' Republican, isn't just "another Christian," and isn't like any Republican to run in these parts for a very long time.  Frankly, I find that the good people of the LCD, and Moscow's progressives in general, lack an understanding. a willful understanding, of the Reconstructionist/Dominionist/"Constitution Party" leanings of Bouma and of others who have vexed many of us for years.  And until they do -- until they stop acting as though this were simply a contest between two guys with differing ideas -- I don't hold out much hope.  Bouma needs to be called out for who he is, who and what he represents, and what he believes.  Being nice, being much smarter than Bouma, being a liberal, and being a wonderful man, as Dan is, isn't going to be enough, and if someone as politically informed and connected as I'd like to think of myself hasn't heard from Dan Schmidt about the very real, very disturbing things Bouma represents, I doubt that other Latah County voters have, either.

Please . . . prove me wrong.  I want to be wrong.  I want Schmidt to trounce Bouma, and I would love it if I were shown that there's a deep, comprehensive understanding of the Bouma-ites undergirding Schmidt's campaign.  But until I see otherwise, I have to hope that my talking with friends and neighbors about the need to defeat Bouma, and the check I'll be writing in August for Dan, will be enough.  Sadly, I don't think it will be.


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Nonini is an idiot.  Hey, isn't anyone going to help me knock on some doors to try and get Dan Schmidt elected?  His opponent is a teabagger who defeated Gary Schroeder in the R primary this year.  This is a big deal, and I need help knocking on doors.  Knocking on doors, I guarantee you is the ONLY way to win an election of this type.

-Reggie Holmquist

On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 12:42 PM, Sue Hovey <suehovey at moscow.com> wrote:

Actually I think it's our border with Washington and 
Oregon which most worries Mr. Nonini.  Especially given those 
undocumented progressives who might sneak over here from Seattle and 
Sue H. 

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“If the federal government isn’t going to go out and enforce 
their own policies, as they’re not in Arizona, then the states sure need to 
defend their borders.”
- Idaho state representative Rep. Bob Nonini, (R-Coeur 
d’Alene) working with other north Idaho lawmakers on adapting the Arizona laws 
to Idaho.

So, Rep. Nonini is pursuing legislation to protect Idaho’s 
border with . . . Canada?  
Apparently the recently adopted passport requirement, to 
enter the US from Canada, wasn’t sufficient security . . . ay?
How aboot it, V-peeps?
Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho
PS – Does anybody have the address (in Sacramento, 
California) where I can obtain a copy of my birth certificate.  Thanks to 
Rep. Nonini, I have a sneakin’ suspicion that I may need it . . . 
are an oppressed minority forced to move headquarters from state to state in 
search of friendlier tax codes--sometimes being forced to live just off our 
shores in tiny mailboxes." 
- John 
Oliver, The Daily Show

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