[Vision2020] Perfect Explanation of Why Teabaggers are not Racist in the Least

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And if this guy's a Teapartier, he's not literate in the least, either.


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    Law not racist
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      Guy Patchen Jr.
Bonners FerryPertaining to last week's Arizona's racist law letter. Well 
      let's see where do I begin?

First of all I have to have a passport 
      at the Port of Entry into Canada to go fishing at Kootenai Lake. Is that 
      Racist, I think not it's the law. Are you people getting paid for being in 
      this task force? Cause if you are, I want to know.

My wife could 
      use a job and I'm quite sure she can make a much more rational decision 
      than who ever you are and what ever planet you came from. In the real 
      world one in five illegal aliens already has a rap sheet for 
      something. So guess what, they are here because there's a problem 
      from wherever they came from.  

A very good Hispanic 
      friend of mine’s daughter from Coeur d’ Alene had a illegal alien for a 
      boyfriend. He shot her to death in Kenewick, then ran back to Mexico where 
      the police couldn't touch him. Am I a racist? I think not. I'm an 
      American, go figure.

There will be more to come because I've worked 
      in Fresno Calif., Portland, Tri Cities, Yakima, Sunnyside, and many other 
      places where illegal aliens raise fighting chickens, pit bulls or perform 
      any other  illegal services to service in our environment. And 
      because we are becoming so politically correct, it's easy for them. 

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