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Man helps cat land on its feet after nearly drowning
By Renee Nadeau Algarin

An elderly cat was minutes from a watery death, trapped in a cage
submerged in the Charles River, when she was rescued by a kind-hearted
kayaker. The lucky feline, with eight lives left, is on the mend today.

“We were just looking at stuff along edge of river and the cat started
thrashing around,” said Drew Curtis of Jamaica Plain, who spotted the
bedraggled cat as he returned from kayaking Thursday morning with his
mother and 11-year-old son in Weston.

“To have her in a carrier in the river and no one doing anything about it,
I couldn’t imagine that that was accidental,” said Dr. Cynthia Cox, head
shelter vet for the MSPCA.

“Another 15 minutes and she would have been too cold to maintain that,”
she said.

Curtis said the soaked cat went limp after her rescue and could only blink
for 10 minutes before beginning to move and make weak noises.

MSPCA staff spent several hours just raising the hypothermic kitty’s body
temperature. The MSPCA is looking for the owner of plump 12-year-old cat,
named Grandma Moses by the MSPCA staff. Anyone with information is urged
to call 800-628-5808.


Andrea Turner of Angell Animal Medical Center holds a cat that was rescued
from the Charles River.



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