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Thu Jul 8 11:43:13 PDT 2010

No 'fiesta' for Idaho county GOP group
By Associated Press
An Idaho county Republican group plans to celebrate next month's  Bonner County 
Fair. Just don't call it a "fiesta."
In a nod to Arizona's tough new illegal immigration law, the  county GOP will 
decorate its booth at fair but avoid using the Spanish  word in the event's 
official theme: "Fiesta at the Fair."
In a letter to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, the county GOP's chairman,  Cornel 
Rasor, says his group wants to "make it very clear that English  is our primary 
language, and call our booths 'Celebrate!' and display  some Arizona license 
plates if you have some to spare."
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The fair's board chairman says the event was dubbed a "fiesta"  merely because 
it's a fun theme to decorate with.
Information from: The Spokesman-Review, http://www.spokesman.com

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