[Vision2020] Supreme Court Decision on donations by companies andunions.

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I wonder if this ruling means I can create lots of different businesses just for the purposes of making larger cash donations to candidates I like? I guess we will find out when large corporations with lots of money start donating larger amounts of money to candidates.
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It is also time to seriously rethink and to alter the longstanding laws that shield individual corporate members from criminal and civil liability resulting from corporate acts.  
I have had extensive experience here.  
I can assure you that corporate laws are used to allow without consequences to the individuals  criminal acts and torts of the incorporators and members acting under the guise of the corporation.  This goes for so-called religious associations also which are also protected under the same kind of corporate shield laws.
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Not having read the Supreme Court Decision , it is hard to figure out just what the justification was. They apparently consider corporations and unions to have the same statis as individuals under the First Amendment. This seems to be a bit of a stretch. Investors and Union Members may not all agree with the political views of the said organization. No one should be required to donate to a cause they do not believe in. Investors would therefore have to pull their money out of any corporation that made political donations to any cause that they did not agree with. This would be a little harder for union members that live in states that do not have Right to Work Laws. It would therefore seem to me that the decision was in error and a violation of individual right. People should still have the right to donate to groups that are set up to advocate a particular point of view.

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