[Vision2020] Daily News Got It Wrong

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Tue Jan 5 15:16:15 PST 2010

This only goes to show you that Jeanne McHale had it right, when back in
July she enterained the 1912 Center audience with . . .

"The Moscow-Pullman Daily News Blues"

Rock on, Daily News.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idhao

> Because I've canceled my subscription to the Daily News, and not for the
> first time, I didn't read the article Joe refers to.
> One of the reasons I don't subscribe to the DN is because its coverage on
> many issues involving our town has been lacking, biased, and poorly
> written -- all symptomatic of a disregard for simple, classic journalism.
> I know a bit about print journalism and reporting, and I can say with some
> measure of expertise and experience that its coverage of Wilson, etc., has
> been particularly egregious on all three points.
> But if the paper suggested that "community members" who oppose Wilson's
> work and words vandalized ("took to" vandalizing) Christ Church-owned
> businesses and property, without a shred of evidence demonstrating,
> unequivocally and with full attribution, three things, it's become more of
> an affront to print journalism than usual.  Those three things are simple,
> Journalism 101-type stuff:  Did vandalism actually happen?  Did the vandal
> have any agenda whatsoever?  And was that person linked to others, like
> myself, who have publicly spoken out against Wilson?
> Answer those questions, with evidence and attribution, and you might be on
> to something.  But for the DN to toss that out without the building blocks
> of true journalism -- accuracy, evidence, attribution, etc. -- is just so
> much heaving rocks through the windows, so to speak, of its readership.  I
> don't expect all readers to notice the fault, but I do expect those who
> commit it to acknowledge that they're in the wrong field.
> Keely
> www.keely-prevailingwinds.com
>> Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 08:00:38 -0800
>> From: thansen at moscow.com
>> To: vision2020 at moscow.com
>> Subject: [Vision2020] Daily News Got It Wrong
>> Courtesy of today's (January 5, 2010) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with
>> thanks to Joe Campbell.
>> --------------------------------------------------------
>> Daily News got it wrong
>> The paper's account of Moscow's recent history (Jan. 2 & 3) was less
>> than
>> fully accurate.
>> For instance, in discussing Doug Wilson's "Southern Slavery: As it Was,"
>> the paper claims "community members took to vandalizing businesses owned
>> by people associated with Christ Church and Wilson" due to controversy
>> over the book.
>> There is not one instance where it was discovered that a community
>> member
>> vandalized "businesses owned by people associated with Christ Church."
>> The
>> only confirmed case of "vandalism" was an offensive comment written in
>> chalk on public property in Friendship Square. And no one knows who did
>> that. The Daily News account is irresponsible in the same way that it
>> would be irresponsible for the Daily News to speculate that members of
>> Christ Church vandalized the atheist billboard on U.S. Highway 95.
>> Also, the controversy about Wilson's book was not merely ideological.
>> Some
>> of the controversy was because the book was plagiarized.
>> Lastly, the paper writes that NSA "had been on South Main Street since
>> 2002, but changes to city law required the school - and other
>> educational
>> institutions - to obtain a conditional use permit to operate in the
>> downtown business district."
>> But if you look at the law in question, the change was made "to allow
>> schools, commercial schools and/or educational institutions by
>> conditional
>> use permit in certain commercial and special zoning districts."
>> NSA began in a residential neighborhood, in violation of the city zoning
>> code. It was duly and clearly informed of its violation. It moved
>> downtown, first to one location near Main Street and then to its current
>> location. Each time its new location violated city code and each time
>> NSA
>> was duly informed. The change in law allowed NSA to remain downtown,
>> contrary to the city code. It was not a burden but a gift from the city
>> to
>> NSA.
>> Joseph Keim Campbell
>> Moscow
>> --------------------------------------------------------
>> Thanks, Joe.
>> Seeya round town, Moscow.
>> Tom Hansen
>> Moscow, Idaho
>> “I’ll just speak for our church, in Christ Church. If I found out that a
>> member of our church or a church officer was lying to non-believers in
>> the
>> community, as a way to get by or protect themself or protect his
>> reputation, yes, he’d be disciplined.”
>> - Doug Wilson (January 31, 2007)
>> http://www.tomandrodna.com/protest/Doug_Wilson_Liers_013107.mp3
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