[Vision2020] "Death" Panels and Four Other Health Care Myths

Ralph Nielsen nielsen at uidaho.edu
Sun Dec 26 10:45:38 PST 2010

Nick Gier wrote:

Myth #1. The Affordable Care Act is a government takeover.  The  
people at Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact, who have criticized both  
Democrats and Republicans for their errors, have declared this claim  
“2010 Lie of the Year.”

I heard another Big Lie about this on NPR. The announcer said "the US  
system would not be a government takeover of health care, unlike in  
Britain and Canada, where the government runs the health care system."

The Big Lie here is that in Canada the government does not run the  
health system, as it does in Britain. In Canada it is only health  
insurance which is run by the governments (single payer insurance).  
The doctors operate their own businesses, exactly the same as south  
of the border in the US. They don't need a large staff of office  
employees to deal with a multitude of insurance companies. They just  
send all their bills to one insurance company, the single payer in  
their respective provincial capitals.

I was disappointed that NPR had also picked up this Big Lie.

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