[Vision2020] Is there a local lesson here?

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Interesting article.

But, Wayne, just what do you mean by "Is there a local lesson here?"

Are you just observing in general terms, or do you know something
that I and others don't know re who has a meth problem here?

Art Deco wrote:
> Is there a local lesson here?
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>   Idaho sheriff deals with son's meth addiction
> By [author]Katy Moeller[/author] Of The [org]Idaho Statesman[/org]
> December 20, 2010
> BOISE - Rick Layher has been working drug cases for decades and knows 
> well how methamphetamine can tear a family apart.
> "The parents that I've talked to, they're just pulling their hair out 
> about it and asking 'What do we do?' No other drug has affected 
> families like this," said Layher, who was confronted with the problem 
> in his own home this year.
> Layher's son, John R. Layher, 27, was arrested Nov. 17 for felony 
> possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor possession of 
> paraphernalia.
> The Elmore County sheriff turned his son in to Idaho State Police 
> after he found a couple of meth pipes in the basement of his house, 
> where John had been living. Investigators searched the house and 
> seized the evidence.
> "I truly feel that turning him in, I did the right thing for him," 
> Layher said. "One way or another, he's going to get some help ... To 
> me, this was his last chance."
> His son spent almost five days in jail.
> "I was happy the longer my son sat in jail. His brain was starting to 
> get clear," Layher said.
> John Layher declined to be interviewed for this story. He was due in 
> court Friday, but the preliminary hearing was rescheduled for January. 
> The Elmore County Prosecutor's Office turned the case over to the Ada 
> County prosecutor to avoid a conflict of interest.
> Sheriff Layher, who attended his eldest daughter's graduation from 
> Boise State University Friday morning, said his family has been 
> through a lot in the past month, but he's feeling optimistic about his 
> son's future.
> "I see light now ... I've seen a big difference in his attitude," said 
> Layher, who wants to see his son get treatment for drug addiction.
> He believes his son began using drugs in his early 20s, but had been 
> clean until about a year ago.
> "You see them going good for a couple months, six months, even eight 
> months, then all of the sudden, it's like the rug's taken out from 
> under you," Layher said. "He had gotten a pretty good job and had been 
> clean for a long time, then he started using again."
> Layher said meth addicts become completely absorbed in themselves, 
> withdrawing from family and staying out all night.
> "You can't really get into a rational conversation with them. No 
> matter what it is, they're right," Layher said. "When they're on that 
> stuff, they don't care about their kids, their parents, their 
> grandparents. They don't care about them things until their brain 
> starts clearing up."
> Layher said meth is no bigger problem in Mountain Home than it is 
> anywhere else in the state, but it is a major problem.
> "I wouldn't wish this on anybody," said Layher, thankful for the 
> support he's received from the community. "A lot of people have sent 
> cards and said they're praying for us. That does help. I'm thankful to 
> God for that."
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