[Vision2020] County Puts Limitations on Salvage Yard CUP

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Thu Dec 16 08:59:30 PST 2010

"All stored hazardous liquids, including oils, antifreeze and transmission
fluids, must be removed from the property in one year."

One year to remove hazardous materials from property within a short
distance of a farming operation (RavenCroft)?!?!?!?!?!?

This is BULL SH*T!!!!!!

I wonder what Daniel Opalski of the Seattle office of the Environmental
Protection Agency would say.

Daniel Opalski, whose EPA duties consist of:

•Investigating contaminated properties;
•Cleaning up contaminated land, sediment, and water for appropriate uses;
•Emergency response;
•Emergency planning and spill prevention;

Danie Opalski, whose email address is opalski.daniel at epa.gov


Courtesy of today's (December 16, 2010) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.


Commission puts strict limitations on salvage yard CUP
Land owner must remove all hazardous liquids within one year
By Christina Lords Daily News Staff Writer

The Latah County Zoning Commission on Wednesday approved a conditional use
permit allowing Larry Holbrook to place a salvage yard on his property on
U.S. Highway 95 near the summit of Steakhouse Hill north of Moscow.

However, the approval came with more than a dozen stipulations.

Several neighbors to the subject property testified Holbrook has been
accumulating vehicles, building materials such as lumber and scrap metals
and other materials for 20 years without proper management of the

Several residents voiced concern over possible fire hazards, as well as
potential water quality issues due to many vehicles leaking liquids onto
the ground.

Holbrook said he is actively trying to get rid of the vehicles and the
other building materials to provide money for his retirement. He said he
did not want to operate a working salvage yard in any way, but the county
suggested the CUP as a way to legally get rid of the materials.

Deputy County Prosecuting Attorney Judith Potter said Holbrook has been
cooperative as the county has worked for years to get his land in
compliance with state and federal codes, but "progress has been

The commission stipulated the following conditions:

- Holbrook is required to obtain and maintain any necessary permits to
comply with all Idaho Transportation Department requirements relating to
the property.

- No additional material may come onto or be stored on the property and
salvage yard operations must take place during daylight hours.

- Holbrook must make an initial inventory of all items on the property and
keep an inventory of items and salvage records and submit that
documentation to the county's Planning and Building Department once a

- Items stored along his property lines must be removed first to diminish
the salvage yard's effects on surrounding property owners.

- Officials from the Planning and Building Department, the prosecutor's
office and the Latah County Sheriff's Office must be allowed at any time
to inspect the property and verify progress is being made on getting rid
of the materials.

- Any large scale auction or salvaging events must be reported to planning
and building and all residences within one mile of Holbrook's property.

- All stored hazardous liquids, including oils, antifreeze and
transmission fluids, must be removed from the property in one year.

- Subsequent and remaining salvage materials must be removed from the
property within two years.

- Only 15 vehicles may be stored on the property, and only eight of those
vehicles may be stored outside. Holbrook said he has about 40 vehicles on
the property now.

The CUP was only granted to Larry Holbrook and may not be transferred to
anyone else that may come to own the property.

There is a two-year time limit on the CUP, and if Holbrook is found
incompliant with the CUP or the permits allotted by ITD he must
immediately remove the salvage equipment from the property or face court
charges, said Planning and Building Director Michelle Fuson.


Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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and the Realist adjusts his sails."

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