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Joe Campbell philosopher.joe at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 14:35:21 PST 2010


I didn't mean to suggest in anything that I have said that I haven't
done anything wrong in any of my conversations on the V with Darrell
or anyone else; that I haven't been rude or insulting. I have been.
I'm sorry if I've offended you or Darrell or anyone. No doubt that's
not enough. It is hard for one person to know what offends another.
Certainly things that I say in public that get a laugh don't get a
laugh on the V. Maybe I've been too slow to see that. I know I have
other amends to make but I'm not going to do it here.

It is hard to get to know people on the V but I thought I always made
it clear that there are some things that bother me, especially in
public conversations like those on the V:
a) telling me to "take it off-line";
b) even mentioning my job in a political discussion;
c) insulting me;
d) insulting me about my job in a political discussion and then
telling me to take it off-line.

If you know anything about me, you know this much. If I didn't respect
you and I didn't respect Darrell, I'd have dropped this conversation
long ago. I know there are better things I can do with my time. (What
is that cheer I hear in the background?)

My point is simple. Telling me what to post on the V is like telling
you where to put your guns. It is laughable. Give it a rest.

I'll stay true to my word though and after today I don't plan to do
any posting. Silent night! (Not that you can't say what you wish!)

Best, Joe

On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 9:24 AM, Matt Decker <mattd2107 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Joe. First of all Happy Birthday. May tomorrow bring you happiness and well
> being.
> With that said, off to the nitty gritty. Please tell me how I have
> restricted or attempted to silence you or your right to free speech? Have I
> told you to shut up? or zip it? The answer is no Joe, plain and simple. I
> believe Darrel offered a home brewed beer to help calm the storm. I've
> offered in the past to buy a cup of coffee or a beer. Both of us did so
> with intensions of thoughtful conversation and educated dialogue. Both
> attempts have been declined. Doesn't seem like an attempt of silencing to
> me.
> You wanted examples of how you and Darrel's conversation became "uncivil" (I
> stated personal but whatever) so here we go. With one of your last posts you
> stated numerous quotations of Darrel's so I feel no need to repeat those.
> Here are some others though.
> -"I might sound a little offended since you did in fact offend me." Dec 5
> This comment should speak for itself.
> -"I spent 4 hours today finding data that should convince you that your
> accusation might be false and has no basis in terms of recent posts on
> the V. If you think it has a basis, spend a little time to back it up.
> Or admit that you really don't know what you're talking about and that
> your opinion is based on hearsay from your conservative friends and
> nothing more. This is a harmful accusation that leads folks to dismiss
> the V for no reason. So far there is no evidence that you are doing
> more than spreading vicious rumors against your political opponents.
> If you're not, back your comments up and admit they have no basis." Dec 4
> Implies that Darrel has intentions of alternative motives and that all
> conservative opinions have no backing.
> -"I have know intention to share insults with you any further, Darrell" Dec
> 3
> Again, should speak for itself, implies insults have already been mentioned
> -"And you don't, Matt? Just press delete and save the lectures for your
> kids." Dec 1
> Should this be construed as an attempt of silence?
> -"Liberals are liberals, you're
> either for global warming or against it, and conservative Christians hate
> Muslims." Dec 1
> Hmm I'm Christian and have conservative beliefs. I don't hate muslims. Just
> another smug ignorant comment.
> -"Spell check, Roger. You have it, use it." Nov 29
> I wonder if you would say this comment to Tom or Keely in that tone.
> -"Long story short: if you'd stop telling me what I can or cannot freely
> talk about on the V, I'd be happy to leave you out of it altogether.
> On the other hand, if you are going to get in my face, I'm going to
> get back in yours. That's just how we roll in Jersey. Sorry you got
> the news a bit late!"
> wow.
> There are more examples but I'm done with this. Also, I will further spare
> the fine people of the Viz of our adolescent conversation.
> My offer of a cup of coffee or a brew still stands.
> Happy B day
> Matt
>> Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2010 05:31:12 -0800
>> From: philosopher.joe at gmail.com
>> To: vision2020 at moscow.com
>> Subject: [Vision2020] The Vision 2020 Mission Statement
>> Tomorrow is my birthday and as a birthday present to Darrell and
>> everyone else, I've decided to make this my last post on the topic.
>> Time off for good behavior, so to speak.
>> Suppose I asked Dan or Matt or Darrell to destroy all of their guns
>> and to stop buying new ones. What would they do? Likely they would
>> laugh. So maybe that's the approach I'll take to Darrell or Matt the
>> next time they'll try to prevent me from exercising my right to free
>> speech: I'll stop talking about what I want, when you destroy all of
>> your guns and promise never to buy another one!
>> On Dec 1 00:17:15 Darrell wrote: “Here is our Mission Statement.
>> Perhaps it should be posted periodically, so that people might read
>> it. It is one of the reasons
>> I initially signed on to V2020.” After posting it, he wrote: “Does
>> this much focus on one topic help us to achieve our mission? I submit
>> that it does not.”
>> I’ve already dealt with the suggestion that V2020 focuses too much
>> attention on Christ Church and NSA. Based on recent findings, we do
>> not. This is just a myth that folks from the right like to spread. But
>> is there anything contrary to discussing this issue in the Mission
>> Statement? Here it is, as quoted from Darrell’s post.
>> Vision 2020 Mission Statement Adopted March 1995:
>> 1. To ensure that all parts of our community have an opportunity to
>> take part in visualizing and planning for the community's future.
>> 2. To strengthen citizens' sense of community by promoting awareness,
>> ownership and investment in Moscow's future.
>> 3. To foster cooperation among (and public involvement with) the
>> agencies and organizations that plan for and make decisions about the
>> future of Moscow and Latah County.
>> 4. To raise awareness on the part of citizens and public officials that:
>> a. uncontrolled and unplanned growth may have negative effects.
>> b. short-term decisions have long-term consequences.
>> 5. To inform ourselves about growth and development issues.
>> 6. To have fun thinking critically and creatively.
>> Keep in mind that NO posts meet all of these criteria, so that can’t
>> be the basis of satisfying the Mission Statement. A better idea is
>> that posts must meet at least one of the criteria. I have fun thinking
>> critically and creatively about Christ Church and NSA. Sure that is
>> not everyone’s idea of fun but it is my idea of fun, so I’m going to
>> keep doing it!
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